90 year old refugee (Palestinian)


This man is 90 years old. He lives in Shatila, a refugee settlement in Lebanon. Likely, he has been living as a refugee for more than 60 years, forced from his homeland by Israeli occupation.


Melody and Bassam Abdalla (Egyptian-Lebanese)


What is a happy memory that you have together as siblings?

Melody: “I broke his hand!”

Bassam: “I was running after her in the corridor and then I suddenly slipped on the carpet and then she broke my hand and she was laughing and I was crying.”

Zakariya and Hashem Ben Said (Libyans)


Zakariya (father): “My best memories are with my dad. He is dead now but I keep him always alive in my head because of those memories.”

*    *    *    *

Hashem (son): “I want to be an astronaut.”

And what will you do as an astronaut?

Hashem: “Travel to space!”

(Note: Libya is an ethnically Arab-Berber country located in North Africa, generally closely associated with the Middle East)

Omar Hazzazi (Saudi)


“I want to work in an important job with a good income. And as a part time job I want to do videos on YouTube. I like doing videos. I know how to edit videos on Sony Vegas 13 and what else . . . Yeah, I started a gaming channel, I’m not sure if I’m going to continue it . . . I’m saving up for a vlogging camera, maybe I can do something. And I attempted to do some pranks two weeks ago. I had some pretty cool concepts.”